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"This book is a tribute to my parents and my family for their unconditional support throughout my career. To all my friends, colleagues, and clients throughout my journey, you have provided me with unconditional support and guidance, enabling me to learn from each one of you and integrate your experiences into my successful career. This book would not have been possible without the support of each of you, regardless of how small or significant your contributions have been. I sincerely thank you, and this book is dedicated to you."

How A Refugee Shed His Scarcity Mindset And Built A Real Estate Empire
“The Art of Exponential Success” by Don Ha is released with Forbes Books

This release is posted on behalf of Forbes Books (operated by Advantage Media Group under license).
NEW YORK (March 19, 2024) — The Art of Exponential Success: How Little Steps, Big Discipline, and Boundless Compassion Can Transform Your Life by Don Ha is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available today on Amazon.
As a boy, Don Ha sold dented food cans on the streets of Hong Kong in order to survive. Today, he controls a real estate empire. With a presence in over 110 countries and territories and 140,000 plus agents world-wide, Don was awarded the No.1 Global Top Team Leader in Closed Transactions for RE/MAX internationally. Ha’s family arrived in New Zealand as refugees from Vietnam. With no knowledge of the language or a familiar face to guide them, they carved out a life and destiny far beyond what they could have imagined.
In The Art of Exponential Success, Ha shares his improbable journey as well as actionable guidance for building a meaningful life and career. Among the lessons in his book, Ha explains his philosophy around:

  • No-limits thinking.

  • Small steps that lead to big results.

  • Creating a disciplined life.

  • And cultivating boundless compassion.

“In this book, you will learn how I shed my ‘refugee’ mentality—which is also about lack and fear—and instead embraced the idea of exponential success,” Ha explained. “As you begin to read this book and start to build wealth, I’ll explain how to grow it and keep it. And if you take a few steps backward, I will show you how to overcome any a negative mindset—remember, if you built a fortune once, you can do it again.”



“Through a powerful combination of mindset, passion, good habits, hard work, and character, Don Ha has written a powerful book that will allow you to achieve exponential success. Truly having balanced success in every area of your life requires all of these things, and Don’s life story is a testimony to this. If you are ready to think bigger and achieve incredible success, then I strongly recommend you start reading The Art of Exponential Success today!”

Tom Ziglar
CEO, The Zig Ziglar Corporation


“Don’s book is an extraordinary gift to the world. It left me feeling profoundly inspired to unlock the full potential of my life, instilling not just a desire to achieve more but also an unshakeable belief that I am capable of doing so. With each turn of the page, he encourages us to think big while providing invaluable advice that paves the path toward achieving our lifetime goals. The Art of Exponential Success is a true gem fit for leaders, teachers, parents, and students alike. Don’s humble leadership and spirit of servanthood set a powerful example, destined to inspire countless generations to come.”

Michelle Sharp
CEO, UNICEF Aotearoa, New Zealand


“The Art of Exponential Success is more than a business book about making money. It is a book about transforming adversity into success. It’s about evaluating and defining the life you desire. It’s about personal growth, introspection, compassion, and giving back. Don shares the secret for the foundation of his sales and success: trust. And this secret along with his many other thought-provoking concepts will encourage and motivate you to self-reflect. Don’s story will encourage you to dream bigger, to revisit your past for inspiration, and to never forget where you came from.”

Shawna Gilbert
Senior Vice President, RE/MAX Global and Commercial


“Regardless of your identity, this book radiates hope—a hope centered on forging a future surpassing your past. It serves as an inspiration to envision grand and brilliant prospects, regardless of how challenging or limited your life may have seemed until now. Its relevance spans across all individuals, anywhere, who yearn for improvement in their lives.
This book is designed for all individuals from all walks of life who aspire to shift their lives from obscurity to achieving the status of a successful brighter future and breaking the cycle of generational poverty.”

Tom Panos
Australasia's #1 Real Estate Coach


“The Art of Exponential Success is an absolute game-changer. Inspiring, authentic, and practical, this book is a must-read for anyone wanting to transform their lives and create massive success.”

Robin Banks
International Speaker and Mind Power Expert

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